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Jägermeister JEM Model

JEM MODEL has a tap handle you need to pull in order to dispense Jagermeister and has a pull-out filter under the drip tray on the front of the machine. Model and Serial Number info can be found on the back of the unit (upper right corner) or on the front of the machine directly behind the drip tray (pull out the drip tray to reveal a tag on the machine). The JEM Model Tap Machines have no user serviceable parts inside and it is not recommended that you attempt to open the JEM for any reason. View Model Specifications .


Jägermeister Shotmeister

Jägermeister Shot Glass Freezer

Jägermeister J99 Model

The last generation Tap Machine can still be serviced. The J99 has: a green dispense button on the front of the machine (upper right) and a red cooling switch on the front (lower right). There is also a large, black filter that slides into a slot on the back of the machine. Model and Serial Number info can usually be found on the back of the machine (upper left) or on the right side panel near the top-front. Some machines might also have a small tag attached to the plug that goes into the wall outlet. Click one of the following options for support. View the icon at left to be sure you are selecting the right model before you start..


Effective July 1, 2016, parts for the J99 Tap Machine will no longer be available for sale online. Should you have questions about the operation of your machine, you can still call Customer Service at 800-713-8881 to speak with a technician, but you will no longer be able to purchase parts. This applies to the J99 Tap Machine only.